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Brassard Bamboo Bouclé Burnt Orange

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Brassard Bamboo Bouclé Burnt Orange
Bamboo yarn made from bamboo fibre using a similar manufacturing process to rayon. Bamboo is a fast growing plant that grows without fertilisers and pesticides and can withstand harsh conditions. Promoted as one of the fibres for the future, fabric made from it has antimicrobial properties, absorbs and wicks away moisture faster than cotton and resists creasing. It is also totally biodegradable. This boucle yarn is made up of three ends of bamboo one of which is plied more loosely with the others to make the boucle loops The yarn is still cool to the touch and has lovely drape, making it very suitable for shawls and scarves whether woven, knitted or crocheted. It is almost twice as thick as the 8/2 bamboo We have woven it very successfully with the plain 8/2 bamboo adjusting the sett of the bouclé to 12 epi to allow for the extra thickness with excellent results. There is potential too to use it with other fibres to produce some very interesting results. The colour range of 22 shades is identical to that in the 16/2 and 8/2 counts. It is supplied on a 227g spool, approximately 685m/750yards per 227g/8oz spool. Average needle/hook size between 2.5 and 3.25mm depending on project. Hand wash, dry flat.
More Information
Country of Manufacture Canada
Fibre Bamboo
Colour Code BB8020
Metric Count Boucle 685m/227g
Imperial Count Boucle 750yds/227g
Metric Length 3000m/kg
Imperial Length 1500yds/lb
Metric Sett 4, 5, 6 epcm
Imperial Sett 10, 12, 14 epi
Net Weight / Length 227g/685m
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