Since launching the new website there have been quite a few changes to get used to here at MFWY HQ some are different for customers as well, so I thought it might be helpful to mention them. Please let us know if these or anything else is causing you any problems we will do our best to get it sorted out.

Our new payment system works well for most of our customers but may be a little problematic for some because of the way it carries out security checks. Security of your information during the checkout process is of prime importance so the system checks various pieces of information you have provided. If your payment is unsuccessful please get in touch as this can usually be easily remedied as It's usually just a matter of a letter or a number not matching up.

The new postage system has involved some changes in packaging particularly with smaller packages as the label we now use is rather large. As a result we have started to use plastic bags that are big enough to accommodate the label. It's likely that over time we will use these for the majority of parcels. It would be really helpful to hear your feedback and please let us know if any parcels arrive where packaging isn't intact.

On a lighter note here's a picture of a beautiful scarf woven by Jacqueline. She used white Jaggerspun Zephyr woven in a snowflake twill. I think it's stunning and the contrast between the directions of the twill floats subtly obvious even though it is woven in the one shade.