UPDATE ON UKI November 2017



We are processing orders in the order they are received and will get them posted as soon as we possibly can. We will keep you updated on the My Fine Weaving Yarn Facebook page and for those of you who don’t use Facebook, updates will appear in the blog section of the website and the information banner on the website will also be updated

Last posting date for Christmas is the 20th December!

It seems a little early to be telling you this but it might help you plan your holiday weaving!

We will be closed for Christmas from 21st December 2017 - January 2nd 2018

Where will MFWY be in 2018?

We haven’t applied for space at any of the major fibre shows in 2018 but have several Guild visits with our pop up shop already planned. Details will be posted soon in the blog section of the website and on Facebook. If you would like us to visit your Guild please get in touch to discuss our availability. Our whereabouts and details of opening times are detailed below. If you are near enough to any of these Guild events but aren’t a member rest assured visitors are always made very welcome. Get in touch if you want more details or want us to bring anything special for you, there will be no obligation to buy. Details of events or when we when we will be closed (you can still shop, but delivery will be delayed) will be also be posted in the Blog section of the website or a banner at the top of the screen will advise you that we are closed and when your order will be processed.