May 7th 2022

Dear Customers

Thank you for your support of My Fine Weaving Yarn over the past 10 years.

Our yarn, loom and equipment shop are busy, but we ourselves aren’t getting any younger!

After consideration we have decided that we will gradually wind down the yarn side of the business.  This will be the only change. Sales and after sales support of Toika looms and equipment will not be affected.

We have had big deliveries recently so have good stocks of most of our range of yarns.  We also still have orders in progress from our Finnish and Swedish suppliers. After these orders arrive however, we are not intending to do any more restocking.  As a result of this our yarn stocks will run down, so please ensure that you have ordered enough for your project.

From a project planning point of view, we think it is only fair and helpful to advise that we have not been able to get every item that has been low or out of stock from our suppliers. We anticipate the same will happen with the orders we currently have in progress.  We will remove items from view in the shop as they become unavailable.

We will continue to re-stock and supply Toika looms and weaving equipment. Only our range of yarn stock is going to change.

Please get in touch if you have any queries about our range or the changes we are planning.

Helen & John