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Texsolv Heddles 220/12

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Texsolv Heddles 220/12

Texsolv Heddles 220/12 Measuring 220mm with a 12mm eye these heddles fit the Toika Leena Table loom as well as several other brands of loom. They are supplied in bundles of 100 heddles. We would always suggest that you leave the 4 ties securing the tops and bottoms of the heddle bundles intact until you have got the heddles securely threaded onto the top and bottom of the shaft. The heddles are supplied in a continuous length and it is matter of personal choice whether you cut the joining loop or leave them joined together. If you are splitting a bundle or transferring heddles to another shaft always secure the tops and bottoms of both sides of the heddles as they were secured when first purchased. If you haven't kept the twist ties that they came fixed with use garden twist ties, a length of thread, string or plastic bag clips found in kitchen shops and Ikea. (These clips also come in handy for all sorts of other warping and weaving jobs). If setting up a loom from scratch I would always suggest leaving the ties on until shafts are safely where they should be and you are ready to start threading. If you attempt to move more than a few heddles from a shaft without securing them they will quickly slip, twist and develop a life of their own which will take time to sort out! There are lots of hints and tips on using all of the Texsolv products we supply on the Texsolv website, as well as details of how to measure your heddles. As well as fitting the Toika Leena Table Loom this size will also fit the the following makes of loom, see list below. This list is by no means exhaustive and we would always suggest that you measure your heddles and or check with your manufacturer if you are not sure of which size heddle to order. Measurements in brackets are inches and the colour relates to the 4 ties that keep the heddle bundle secure.  Take look here:  http://texsolv.se/produkterhttp://texsolv.se/community/

220/12 (8-11/16; 1/2) Green

  • Toika Leena Table Loom
  • Glimåkra Pysslingen Table Loom
  • Ashford Folding Table Loom
  • Glimåkra Band Loom
  • Macomber Baby Loom
  • Sievers Sampler Table Loom 

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Country of Manufacture Sweden (SE)
Length 220/12
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