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New Lanark Wool Heather Blends - Heather

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New Lanark Wool Heather Blends 100% wool spun on traditional machinery powered by hydro electricity. Heather blends include popular solid shades as well as some made with more than one shade blended before spinning. All of the yarns are the same count so can be mixed and matched as required. See the description below for more details. Shade cards hand made by us are available to purchase.
A lovely range of wool in available in 35 dyed and 5 natural shades. Spun on traditional machinery at New Lanark Mill a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Four collections offer different colour options but all are fully interchangeable as there is no difference in thickness. New Lanark spin and process this wool for the hand knitting market so if you buy it from them or other stockists it will have been washed and balled, so it will look and feel different. Standard put up is 200g. New Lanark have added 3 new colours to the range for 2020. Some colour names have been changed to reflect the Scottish Landscape. We will continue to include the previous name in the descriptions to avoid confusion.                                                         Please note: Our stock is on cones and has not been washed; the yarn still contains the oil used in the spinning process. Weavers are very familiar with wet finishing their cloth. The yarn blooms and softens after wet finishing and makes lovely cloth suitable for many uses. The degree of fulling and finishing is controlled by the weaver depending on the planned use of the finished cloth. See the additional information tab below each colour for suggestions on sett as well as details of both metric and imperial lengths that will help you assess yarn requirements for your project. If you need more information please get in touch.
More Information
Country of Manufacture United Kingdom
Fibre Wool
Colour Code Heather
Metric Count 4.8/2 metric count
Imperial Count 9.3/2 woolen count
Metric Length N/A
Imperial Length N/A
Metric Sett 3, 4, 5 epcm
Imperial Sett 6, 8, 10, 12 epi
Net Weight / Length 200g
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